Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Security for Nonprofits

I've talked in the past about the generous geeks in our community willing to help out nonprofits.  Many out there either donate or significantly discount their normal fees.  This picture is from a class that started Tuesday morning on security for nonprofits with Bob Hooper as the instructor.  

Many of us in the nonprofit field are running as fast as we can so we rarely stop to look at the security in our office.  But it’s important.  We’re responsible for donor data.  We don’t want to lose it and we certainly don’t someone else to access it.

In the first of four sessions, Bob gave a great introduction on security concerns to keep in mind. One tip we all know is to change passwords – generally every 90 days.  It would be horrible if someone hacked into donor data on your computer or even your phone.   Another tip is to use Microsoft Security Essentials.  I've had other geeks recommend this tool too.  It’s free so there’s no excuse to not use it (assuming you're a Microsoft user).

We’re looking forward to what he has to teach us over these next three weeks.   Classes are small, but there's room for a few more in this session.  If anyone in your organization is interested (or you know someone who is), send them to the SC Tech Academy website to register and join the class for the next three weeks.

If you have questions about the class or suggestions for other tech topics that would help your nonprofit, please send an email to Annette Nielsen and sign-up for future class notifications.

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