Monday, July 23, 2012

Call for Nominations: Malcolm D. Haven Award for Selfless Community Giving

Malcolm Gladwell suggests in his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, that mastering a skill comes at a lofty price.  Commonly labeled as the 10,000 hour rule, Malcolm argues that one must practice an art for at least 10,000 hours before claiming mastery of it.  Michael Phelps, for example, would have to have spent over 830 hours in the pool each year beginning at age 15 to be deemed a master of swimming.  Designated by the eight gold medals that adorned Phelp’s neck during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Phelps represents an easily distinguishable master.  But who are the hidden masters around us, not recognized atop the Olympic podium?                                                                                                               
Coastal Community Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2012 Haven Award for Selfless Community Giving.  Malcolm D. Haven, for whom the award is named, was not only a founding member of the Community Foundation, but was known throughout Charleston as, “one of the finest, most civic-spirited people that has ever lived in Charleston.  He was always thinking how to make things better, how to make education better, how to make the community better”.  He mastered the art of selfless giving, dedicating continual energy, time, work, and love to our community.  Haven drew inspiration from the potential for improvement, claiming that “life is exciting as you witness situations evolve for the better due to your participation”.  Just as Phelps has spent unmatchable energy stroking through the water’s resistance, Haven had ambition to fight the current.  Haven contained the needed drive to change the tide, improving community life for everyone.  He was a mover and a doer, inspiring others to follow his lead, encouraging them to jump into the water with him.                                                                             
Coastal Community Foundation invites you to nominate someone who you feel has not only mastered selfless community giving, but has motivated others to do the same.  The nominee should be notable in his or her persistent community involvement and unsurpassed generosity.  Whether the nominee’s job is community work based or if his or her work is entirely voluntary, the ideal candidate will have exceeded expectations and made unparalleled contributions to our community.  A candidate’s efforts can be focused in one area or spread widely through a variety of outlets.  Regardless of a candidate’s mode of giving, his or her efforts must be notable in their consistency and extent, stretching far beyond what is asked or expected.                                                                                                                                   
In recognition of his or her efforts, the 2012 Haven Award winner will not only be recognized at  Coastal Community Foundation’s Donor Celebration this November, but he or she will also be invited to designate a grant of $1,000 to his or her  nonprofit of choice.  Please view our Request for Nominations page to view submission requirements, deadlines, and other important details.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coastal Community Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

Each summer we have the bittersweet moment that comes with changing of the guard at the Foundation’s June board meeting. Dedicated, experienced volunteers retire and fresh and energetic ones join.  

We would like to recognize and thank those that have invested more than we ever could have expected through their collective years of Foundation board service:
Gary Cooper          Stephen McLeod-Bryant
Charles Rowland    Leah Greenberg
George Milner       Will Verity

We are pleased to announce the newest Foundation Board Members who will serve a two-year term representing the following counties.

Beaufort County:       
D. Cabell (D.C.) Gilley, Attorney at Levin, Gilley & Fisher, LLC
Charleston County:
Rachel Hutchisson, Director of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy,
Blackbaud, Inc.
Darcy Shankland, Editor-in-Chief, Charleston magazine
Georgetown County: 
Carol Jayroe, Co-owner of Prince George Sotheby’s International

Coastal Community Foundation Welcomes New Staff Members!

Sydney Fowler

Sydney brings extraordinary skills as a result of her formal legal training as well as her experience working within nonprofit organizations in Charleston and New York.  She is deeply thoughtful and will add new insights into how to improve the capacity of nonprofits to serve our region.

Charlton Wieters

Charlton has brought to us up-to-date and money-saving tips and tricks to streamline our accounting system.  He will add to our abilities to advise nonprofits on how to better prepare themselves for annual audits and required government filings.

Sonny Sutton

Provides Coastal Community Foundation with focused database management services for our grantmaking efforts.  He has led our efforts to make our giving more visible and accessible to the general public, donors, and Staff.

Caroline Mullis

Caroline expands the services we provide to donors to improve the speed with which we respond to requests for information and to grantmaking suggestions.  She has a strong background in customer service and brings an even stronger customer service orientation to our operations.

Friday, July 6, 2012

July Donor Spotlight: Rufus C. Barkely, Jr. Leadership Scholarship.

Rufus C. Barkley is the great grandson of the founder of the Cameron and Barkley Company and in his lifetime made a major contribution to the employees.  In 1975, Barkley began selling CamBar to its employees and by 1983, the company was 100% employee-owned.  As a result of this in the future when the company was sold the employees were the beneficiaries of the sale.  He also was an outstanding man in the community.  He taught children in the community the importance of spending time with loved ones.

The Rufus C. Barkley, Jr. Leadership Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 in order to provide up to four years if higher educational assistance to students who are residents of Charleston, Berkley, Dorchester or Colleton counties or who are children of Cambar employees who embody the characteristics of Rufus.

Rufus Barkley was a Renaissance man with interests that ranged from opera and ballroom dancing to neighborhood “pick-up” football and bush-whacking on his Colleton County property.  His son, Miles, summed it up - “If I can be half the person he was, I’ll be alright.”

Just before Rufus died of Lou Gherig’s disease in 2001, his friends, family and business colleagues at the family-run Cameron and Barkley Company started a scholarship fund to honor him.  Since then, The Rufus C. Barkley, Jr. Leadership Scholarship has provided five talented student leaders with $10,000 every year for four years to go to college and be inspired to emulate the integrity, compassion and vitality of this “genuine” man.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something else to celebrate on the 4th

In the past month the Edie, Richard, Sonny, and Sydney at Coastal Community Foundation have responded to suggestions by donors and grant-making committees and have sent more than $2,000,000 to charities. While not a record, this is more than we have distributed in a single month since December. June 2012 tops off a fiscal year during which grant checks from Coastal Community Foundation once again are near historic highs. But perhaps there is more to celebrate... Eighty-seven percent of the Foundations that distribute money in South Carolina expect that their giving will not drop in the coming year, 44% expect it to increase. Maybe today is Independence Day from the recession-fighting, defensive stance of charitably-minded folks too?