Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just About Perfect PR

Sometimes the forces of nature, business, and strategy converge as it just did for the Charleston Animal Society, but not often. Most amazing is the invisibility of all of this in what looks like just another "good news" in Charleston's Post and Courier.  Click and read it now and the rest of this post will be easier to understand.

The end of the breeding season each Spring creates a predictable wave of kittens and cats into animal shelters nationwide. That's a force of nature. So predictable is this seasonal cycle that shelters use volunteers to temporarily house cats at their homes to keep the shelter itself from being flooded.  More than 200 cats are out there in the floodplain of the shelter (i.e., the homes of shelter volunteers).

On the business side of things, free adoptions generates increased interest and a "midnight madness sale" mentality. Adoption fees are really not that high for anyone willing to spend an average of $919 per year on a cat or $1,571 per year on a dog.  But hey, it worked to clear the shelter of adoptable animals and probably reduced operating costs.  It might even have paid for itself.

And on the strategy side of things, the Charleston Animal Society is facing relentless competition from Pet Helpers and others who promote themselves as "no kill" facilities. Given the mission of the Charleston Animal Society to control county-wide feral animal populations, "no kill" is not an option for them with their existing budget.

So in one simple news item the Charleston Animal Society positions itself as responsible, innovative, and ready to face the next challenge.  All I can say is, "nicely done."  

Its fun to see behind the curtain.  You can really appreciate the skills of the actors when you see all it takes to put on the show.

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