Monday, May 14, 2012

Something for Everyone in Berkeley County

The Berkeley County Library System is working hard to reach un-served and under-served residents living the rural portions of the county.  Through the purchase of a Mobile Literacy Library, the estimated 59,400 residents living more than 10 miles from a library branch will have access to around 2,000 volumes of books , DVDs, audiobooks, and educational materials available for check out.  In addition, the Mobile Literacy Library will provide four users simultaneous access to the Internet and software programs.  Both children and adults will be offered courses in basic computing skills and navigating online job application processes.  Potential stops will be based on natural congregation sites identified by a collaboration of community groups and centers, area schools, businesses and churches. The bookmobile will also make regular stops at HUD public housing to promote reading to children and offer training to parents on the most effective ways to read to their kids.  The aim of all this is to increase levels of education and employment in hopes of decreasing the poverty rate in the area.  The Berkeley County Library System purchased their first bookmobile, which ran for over forty years, in 1948 because the demand for services was so persistent.  Due to its past success, the idea of a Mobile Literacy Library has resurfaced to provide services to rural communities.

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