Friday, December 30, 2011

Beautiful Rubbish

Have you ever wondered where ocean debris ends up after being washed away by incoming tides after families and frolickers leave the coast after a day of sun and fun? In most cases the debris ends up in our pristine waterways and a lot of times in the stomachs of marine mammals. Local eco-advocate Jennifer Mathis was motivated by this fact at a recent visit to the Marine Mammal Center in California where the CA-based Washed Ashore exhibit utilized ocean debris to create huge art sculptures to inform and impress viewers. The dramatic effect aims to educate the public that ocean debris is not welcome on our beaches, in our oceans, and surely not in or near the marine life that inhabits them. Ms. Mathis loved the idea and requested permission to initiate a similar awareness campaign here in the Lowcountry.

The unveiling of a 9-foot sculpture of a pelican will take place on New Years Eve at Marion Square in downtown Charleston. Students from the School of the Arts helped complete the project to raise awareness about ocean debris on our beaches and in our waterways.

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