Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Generous Geeks at Philanthropy Week

Hopefully, most of you know it's Philanthropy Week here in the lowcountry.  As part of the celebration, active Palmetto Technology Hub (PATH) volunteers and some nonprofits got together for a lunch at our office today.   (You can see them displaying some of the swag we received from Google!).

Although PATH regularly holds free trainings and the occasional lunch for everyone involved in PATH, this was for the die-hard volunteers that have gone above and beyond.

What I love about these geeks is the time they've spent supporting PATH this year.  It absolutely blows my mind.  Nonprofits have saved hundreds of dollars in tech support costs, so that money is instead used to meet their core mission.  We have volunteers who have driven out to nonprofit offices for on-site hardware support and others who have built some beautiful websites.   (PATH even received volunteer support from a local graphic designer for the main logos and the boot camp logos!)  So, I have to say it again.  And again.  And again. Thanks geeks for all you do.  Techies in this community are the best ones around.

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