Monday, August 22, 2011

Breaking the cycle

The Family Justice Center of Georgetown County (FJCGC) opened its doors in January of 2011 to serve victims of domestic violence. It originated in 2007 as a grassroots response to a steep rise in the number of domestic violence cases in Georgetown County Deeply concerned by the growing rate of domestic violence, a group of concerned citizens gathered legislators, judges, law enforcement, service providers, victims and victim advocates to develop an effective response. The group learned about the Family Justice Center (FJC) approach and decided to develop one in Georgetown County. The FJC is a collaborative, victim-centered model that offers multidisciplinary services and agencies, working together under one roof to address family and intimate partner violence. There are over 70 FJCs in operation around the world-two in SC-with about 140 under development. Ensuring that those affected by domestic violence have access to necessary resources in one location helps stop the vicious cycle of domestic violence. The Family Justice Center of Georgetown County is dedicated to creating a community with a no-tolerance attitude towards domestic violence.

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