Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Year-end Nonprofit Survey is in!

According to a survey conducted by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, only 52 percent of 1,845 charitable organizations surveyed reached their fundraising goals in 2010. The survey concentrated on two key areas—organizations that reached their fundraising goals and organizations that raised more funds last year than in the previous year.

Here are some interesting findings:

- 43% of organizations saw growth in fundraising revenues compared to 33% that saw declines.
- 67% of those surveyed saw contributions increase or stay about the same up from 54% in 2009.
- 58% of organizations with the capability to receive online donations saw an increase in online giving.
- 50% of organizations with a major gift/events channel saw a rise in major gift/events revenue.

Most charities expect giving in 2011 to increase and plan to hold staffing and expenditures for fundraising at 2010 levels.

Read the entire survey to learn more about how the nonprofit sector fared in 2010.

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