Monday, November 22, 2010

Staff Visits Our New Office Building

The Foundation staff recently visited the new Coastal Community Foundation Center building. Check out the tour and get the first glimpse of the new building!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mentors of the Year

As the kick-off event to Philanthropy Week, more than 300 guests celebrated the role mentors play in our community.  The majority of the audience were mentors themselves.  They found meaning in their lives by mentoring children or young adults.  Moreover, all had passed along that sense of meaning to the the young people they mentored, a kind of two-for-one bargain.

Twelve of the hundreds of mentors present were singled out for special praise.  Each had been nominated because their work inspired others to become mentors or because their work made such a big difference in the lives of children.  The twelve were:

Suzanne Bennage, Outreach Learning Center at St. Matthews Church
Darrell Brace, e3 Mentoring Program- North Charleston Dream Center
Herb Burwell, Metanoia Young Leaders
Phil Byers, e3 Mentoring Program- North Charleston Dream Center
Bernice Dawson, Foster Grandparents Program at Sanders Clyde Elementary School
Patricia Franklin, Young Ladies/Leaders Conquering Obstacles
Steve Latour, Big Brothers Big Sisters
David Neff, Rotary Reader at Sanders Clyde Elementary School
Joyce Nesmith, Beyond Our Walls at Burns Elementary School
Jesse Short III, Malcolm C. Hursey Elementary School
Charles Smith, Communities In Schools at Frierson Elementary School
Gail Wright, Malcolm C. Hursey Elementary School

In the week before Thanksgiving we celebrate Philanthropy Week, or "Thanks for Giving" week.  These mentors give more than time.  They give meaning and momentum to the children they mentor, and themselves as well.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Results of our Philanthropy Week Twitter Contest

We decided to try something different this year for Philanthropy Week by holding a "twitter contest". For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it's a way to communicate online in 140 characters or less. For an example of how that's done, you can see what our CEO (George Stevens) talks about online and check out an earlier post on our blog about twitter.

We could only have one winner for a seat at the Philanthropy Week luncheon, but wanted to share some of the other messages from "tweeters" below. (And thanks to everyone who helped us spread the word).

The details of the contest are on the website, but here's a quick explanation for those of you who are not using twitter. The first name below is the twitter user who was sending the message. (You can click the link to learn more about that person). The next name, starting with "@" is the person being thanked, followed by the reason why.
  • WINGSforkids@TaylenRae #thx4giving WINGS to 120+ kids every day! You soar…
You can see the spirit of thanks in our online community.  If you haven't already, take a look at the Philanthropy Week website to see what we have planned, starting November 15th. And tell us what you're thankful for!