Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smiles, Dancing, and Cupcakes

On Valentine’s Day, I walked into a room at Seacoast Church to help host an event. Like a child, I was mesmerized by the beautiful cupcake display. As I playfully reached for one before our guests arrived – and had my hand slapped - we began preparations for the evening.

Healing Farm Ministries and Seacoast Church partnered to throw a party celebrating the lives of people with disabilities. More volunteers arrived and got to work setting up the decorations. Red tablecloths, beautiful roses, and real table settings – no paper here! As the guests arrived with their family members or kindhearted caregivers, they were greeted at the curb by a smiling volunteer directing them inside, where they were signed in for name tags by a host and again were welcomed as they entered the banquet hall. Each table had a volunteer present to ensure all needs were taken care of for the guests. Table hosts were also on hand to get the drinks as servers came around with a hot meal for everyone.

The band began to play, and a number of the 160 people present made their way to the dance floor. (No shy people at this event!) Through the night, conversation filled the room as the music continued and desserts made their way around. Before leaving, each attendee was given a fresh rose to take home as a memento of the evening. There were a lot of smiles on the way in, and there were even more on the way out. The event was a success and a great way to spend Valentine’s Day.

And yes, I did get my cupcake. I loved it, and I loved being there.


Katherine said...

It was an awesome night!!! Thanks for telling the story so beautifully. My feet hurt the next day from dancing so much and I thank my dance partners: Earl, Ron, Chris, Denise, Lady and Walter for making my night!

Katherine Freligh said...

View a slideshow from the event