Monday, September 21, 2009

God bless the child

Mid-August, an 11 year-old girl named Miranda Roberts (cute as a button, smart and friendly as could be) came to our office with her grandfather, Robert Melendez, with a check for $50 – a gift to an endowed Fund here that was created in memory of Miranda’s Aunt Terri, who died tragically young in 2007 – a murder victim, actually. The check represented money Miranda had saved to honor the memory of her aunt, Terri Melendez. The same week, we received a check for $50,000 for a Fund here that was created to help renovate a public building. $50 vs. $50,000. Hmmm. Which check was more valuable to us?

We’re grateful for both, of course, but to be honest, Miranda’s $50 gift is the one we’ll remember longer. Hers was to an endowed Fund whose income will forever be used to help people in the community who are homeless while the $50,000 gift was to a Fund that, once spent to help renovate a building, will close. The larger gift came from a foundation, while Miranda’s was the result of saving her money and foregoing a new pair of sneakers, a cell phone, or visits to restaurants. Her gift was timeless and selfless.

Miranda Roberts – one of tomorrow’s (and today’s) philanthropists.

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Anonymous said...

It is very wonderful to see organizations in the community helping so many. The churches, the food banks and Coastal Community Foundation. What this child did should serve as a reminder that we all have a duty to help our fellow man. This child has been taught well. This is what we all must do. Teach The Children To Love and Honor their lives and the lives of others.