Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Repairing the World -- Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science

"It is something Jerry and our whole family believes in. We need to repair the world." That's how Anita Zucker explains it. But how? How does one person, or even a family, repair the whole world? With the opening of Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science, the world will be a better place. But that's only the beginning.

At 9:30 am on August 24th, in North Charleston, Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science will celebrate its germination as a partial magnet school. Ms. Sheryl Biss, the school's Principal, has invited dozens of people as has Coastal Community Foundation. From that moment onward, powered by its own momentum, the repair will begin. Like a germinating seed, full of hope, an idea will spread. Here's how.

In the entryway a portrait of Jerry Zucker will hang. Next to it the Haven Award, bestowed on those, like Anita and Jerry Zucker, whose selfless acts of charity have made a difference in the community. Kids will come and go. Jerry Zucker will be remembered as each of us remember the namesake of our own middle school. However, the memory will have a distinct difference.

As a result of the Zucker family involvement tens of thousands of dollars, from dozens if not hundreds of donors will flow into a special fund at Coastal Community Foundation. Those funds will be used to augment and enhance the learning environment at the school. An activity bus will be purchased. Lab coats for the teachers, with the school logo, will be distributed. Kids will see first-hand the power of a whole community caring about their future.

A small army of young people will be nurtured. They will nurture others. They will remember, perhaps vaguely, that there was someone who cared enough to start a repair job. As each of these young people go forward they will recognize that they have the power to change the world, just as the Zucker family did...and so, the world will be repaired.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to attending the opening of the school. And tracking its progress.

Christine said...

The Zucker Middle School dedication ceremony this morning was a warm tribute to Mr. Jerry Zucker, his family's legacy, and the passion he and they have fostered for youth education in our community's schools. Best of luck to Miss Biss and the students of ZMS.