Monday, August 24, 2009

Malcolm Haven Award for Selfless Community Giving

August 24th was indeed a special day in North Charleston.

Not only was it the dedication ceremony of the North Charleston Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science, but also the great scientist, inventor, and S.C. philanthropist's 60th birthday his wife Anita remarked at the well-attended morning presentation and reception at the new school.

Anita Zucker accepted the Coastal Community Foundation's recognition of the late Jerry Zucker's Selfless Community Giving in the late Malcolm Haven's honor. The 2009 Malcolm Haven Award will hang in the Zucker Middle School halls to provide inspiration to its ambitious students.

Posing with Jerry Zucker’s portrait are Dr. Nancy J. McGinley (CCSD Superintendent of Schools), Honorable Mayor Keith Summey, Richard Hendry (VP of Programs Coastal Community Foundation), Anita Zucker, Sherry Biss (ZMS Principal), Philippe Cousteau (Distinguished Guest), Charlotte Anderson (TUW 211 Hotline Director), and Rabbi Ari Sytner.

Happy birthday, Jerry.

And here is the rest of it.

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