Thursday, May 21, 2009

Volunteers In Medicine on HHI

Visited the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic on Hilton Head Island. I was blown away by the volume of patients seen annually and the volume of volunteers.

Lois Schuhrke, who is the coordinator for the Dental Department at VIM, said they delivered almost one million dollars of dental services for less than $200,000! The dental clinic provides free dental care and preventative services treating almost 4,800 patients annually; about 1,500 are children. VMI provided $16,000,000 in health care services, including 31,000 visits for 10,000 active patients in 2008. They are anticipating the number to exceed 32,000 this year. How can they do it? They have over 500 volunteers who serve in every capacity. VIM serves people who live or work on Hilton Head or Daufauskie Islands and meet other qualifiying criteria. WOW!

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Amy Zeigler said...

VIM really is an amazing system of care. Since utilizing volunteers in our onsite Health Clinic at Crisis Ministries, hundreds of homeless individuals have been able to receive physician-level care at no cost. The VIM Clinic is doing wonderful work and has found a great way to quantify those efforts. Thanks for this posting on such a great organization!

Amy Zeigler, Grants Manager
Crisis Ministries