Thursday, May 14, 2009

So, what is the Charleston Friend Society?

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Stephanie Swafford (in the picture, on the left) to learn more about the Charleston Friend Society. Stephanie and her friends were thinking about ways to be part of the community as well as contributing to it. Based on their shared interests in social events and supporting the work of nonprofits, the Charleston Friend Society started in October of 2008. Already, they have almost 500 members on Facebook. Their interests lie in cultural and charity events, theater, orchestra, art exhibits, fine cuisine and a whole lot more!

On May 21st, the Charleston Friend Society will hold their first fundraiser and food drive for the Lowcountry Food Bank at Carolina's Bistro from 6-9pm. 100% of your $5 entry will go directly to the Lowcountry Food Bank. (Canned food donations are encouraged but not required).

Please call (754-2454) or email Stephanie ( if you have any questions and watch their web site for upcoming events. Also, check out their Charity Exchange;"A place for charities to share their wish lists and needs, and find those who will fill them."

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