Monday, April 27, 2009

Jimmy Bailey: Capitalism and Selfless Service Work Together

Some might consider the pursuit of capitalism to be at cross-purposes with selfless service to your community – but Jimmy Bailey, Founder and CEO of YEScarolina (, has meaningfully demonstrated how the two can go hand in hand.

Jimmy first read about the National Foundation of Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in 1998 – and shortly thereafter was deeply moved by a speech given by Steve Mariotti, a business person turned teacher, who made a break through discovery while attempting to teach low income youth in New York City public schools. Marriotti said: “I know a secret which, if fully understood by our government, business, and community leaders, could have enormous positive implications for the future of our society. Simply put, the secret is this: Children born into poverty have special gifts that prepare them for business formation and wealth creation.”

These words set Jimmy on his course.

A former member of the General Assembly, Jimmy mobilized his networks and spheres of influence across our community to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship to create financial freedom for disadvantaged youth. He has spent much of his own money and countless volunteer hours raising money, both private and public, to bring NFTE training to teachers, starting in the Tricounty area and now spreading across the state of South Carolina. Ultimately, his inspired dream and vision led him to establish YEScarolina. Because of Jimmy’s leadership, students across SC learn valuable skills in financial literacy, writing of business plans, and effective presentation abilities. His networking and advocacy efforts have supplied numerous classrooms across our state with free textbooks, workbooks, training classes, and competitions to promote entrepreneurial and capitalistic concepts.

Jenny Whittle, a consultant to YEScarolina, sums up Jimmy’s selfless service best: “Jimmy Bailey is unabashedly determined to provide South Carolinian youth with the tools to create change in their economic status, resulting in financial freedom, as well as competitive advantage in seeking employment. Teachers and students alike recognize their lives are changed as a result of this education. It empowers them to think as businesspersons and seek opportunities that they were unaware of previously.”

Thank you Jimmy Bailey for all you do

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