Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creative Destruction

No pain, no gain. From the ashes, the phoenix. The king is dead; long live the king. Some economists say that "out of destruction, a new spirit of creativity arises". There can be a process of transformation that comes from change and innovation, and it’s often most obvious in the marketplace – like when 8-tracks gave way to cassettes, cassettes to CDs and CDs to MP3’s, or when Sears and Montgomery Ward got eclipsed by the mega-systems of Wal-Mart and by consumers increasingly buying stuff on-line. What’s this got to do with philanthropy and the non-profit sector in general? These days, as all non-profits struggle to make ends meet, some will die. Is that a tragedy of our times, or has their time simply come, perhaps to make way for a newer and better “something” to replace them? Any business -- for-profit or non-profit -- needs routinely to "reinvent" itself and its SOP's. Otherwise, at some point it's likely to be left in the dust.

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