Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is there still a place for optimism in this economy?

Communities around the country are trying to find their way through the holidays. Despite the concerns here and elsewhere, I am optimistic. Is “optimism” overly optimistic if it is based on a cool-headed assessment of the facts?

South Carolina ranks among the top ten in the nation in per capita giving. A dinner event on Daniel Island last month yielded $200,000 for Welvista, a nonprofit that provides health services to the underinsured.

Grace Episcopal Church just completed a nearly $3,000,000 capital campaign. The funding came largely from the congregation. Deep convictions and faith (and crumbling masonry) move us in South Carolina.

Florence Crittenton faced bankruptcy due to government cutbacks until it became known that their service to young mothers and mothers-to-be would soon end. Partner organizations have extended a helping hand and an offer to assist them as they rebuild.

What I am seeing is that those organizations that build deep and lasting relationships, even if those relationships are new but promise to be lasting, can survive and will survive.

I do not believe that my optimism is misplaced or mistaken. We give back in South Carolina, especially when the need is real.

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